First ranked among the zoological parks in France, and among the most beautiful zoos in the world, the ZooParc de Beauval presents, with more than 6000 animals, the widest range of animal diversity in France!

The extraordinary animals

Beauval shelters some 600 species, that reveal their mysteries all along the green alleys, among the plains, at the center of innovative facilities. Rare, surprising, endangered for some of them, sometimes unique in France, these animals belong to seven big families: big cats, primates, herbivores, birds, reptiles, fishes and aquatic mammals.

Truly extraordinary, some species has particularly marked the history of Beauval...

The big cats

Mysterious, powerful, majestic... the big cats captivate the human beings. In the historical alleys of Beauval, are presented more than 30 species of big cats, from the African Lions to the serval including the pumas, Sumatra's tigers, Persia's panther, hyena and jaguar with their black or spotted fur. Without forgetting, settled in the Asian area of the zoo, the discreet fishing cats, the majestic snow leopard and the fascinating clouded leopard.

The primates

Lemurs, macaques, vervets, capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys, semnopithecus... Beauval has more than 20 species of primates. The great apes are also represented with groups of gorillas, orang-utans and chimpanzees, among which many are small! From the tiny marmoset to the impressive gorilla, tropical hothouses, artifical islands and spacious aviaries shelter numerous representative of the world of the primates.

The herbivores

The herbivores species residing in Beauval live in the middle of wide green plains, gathering animals originating from the natural environment. In this way, giraffes stand alongside the White rhinoceros, zebras, sable antelopes and gnus, Indian rhinoceros live with black-bucks, chital deers, while the dromedaries share their territories with the Akole-Watusis. The elephants have themselves a huge green plain next to a sand park.

The birds

Chirping and bright colors: the origins of Beauval! More than 2000 birds of the entire world occupy the zoo alleys, from the sun parakeet to the very rare cockatoos from the Philippines, including the palm cockatoos. A lot of raptors species are also observable, among them the Steller's sea eagles, Himalayas vultures, Andean condors, white-tailed eagles... The nocturnal species are, as for them, represented by Ural Owls, Great Grey Owls or Snowy Owls. A great number of these birds reveal their prowess during the show "Les Maîtres des Airs" (shows from March to November).

The reptiles

Snakes, turtles, chameleons, lizards, varans and iguanas live in the lush vegetation of the vivarium (tropical hothouse of the great apes). In an enchanting atmosphere, you will see in the course of an alley the longest snake, reticulated python, as well as voluminous species of boas. Red-tailed green rat snakes, alligators, basilisks and gekkotas are part of this rich collection of reptiles. Next to the African savanna, live the most imposing tortoises: Aldabra giant tortoise.


Within the tropical hothouse of the great apes, you will see arapaimas, the biggest game fish, as well as some redoubt piranhas. Some sea species, as the famous clown fishes, various sea urchins, starfishes and corals decorate themselves the colorful sea aquariums. In the heart of the Australian hothouse, some delicate seahorses and surprising garden eels are joining the elegant aquatic ballets.

The aquatic mammals

Showing all their agility during the show "L’Odyssée des lions de mer" (from March to November), the playful sea lions enjoy their submarine vision pool, being next to an Asian sea otters family, living in a space with a pool, a run with reliefs and innovative facilities. Observable inside the gorilla's hothouse, some manatees are among the rare representatives of their species in France.