You will find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions to the Beauval's teams. For any further information, please go onto the contacts page..

Who created Beauval ?

Beauval was created in 1980 by Françoise Delord, passionate about birds and the animal world. A crazy bet that became an extraordinary success : ranked n°1 among the zoos and aquariums of France (ranking by Trip Advisor, Traveler's Choice Attractions Awards 2014), Beauval has even been ranked among the 15 most beautiful zoos in the world (by Forbes Traveler) !

How many species are present at Beauval ?

Beauval shelters 8000 animals from 600 different species.

What is the amount of food given to the animals daily ?

Food consumption at Beauval comes to three tons daily !

Is it possible to feed the animals ?

Each animal follows a specific diet adapted to its species ; giving them some food that is not included in that diet can make them seriously sick. It is therefore strictly forbidden to feed the animals, except the fishes of the streams of Beauval and the animals of the tiny farm (non salted pop-corn sold at the entrance of the zoo).

What is the surface area of Beauval ?

The zoological park stretches on more than 30 hectares.

How much time is needed to visit Beauval ?

Most of the visitors spend a whole day at Beauval. We suggest an arrival at early morning in order to enjoy completely the animals. It is nevertheless possible to make the visit in less time, a minimum of 5 hours being highly recommended, taking into account the schedule of the birds show ("Les Maîtres des Airs") and the sea lions show ("L’Odyssée des lions de mer").

Is it possible to have lunch at Beauval ?

Yes, 10 catering spots offers hot dishes or fast food options ; one self-service canteen, a burgers restaurant, a creperie and 7 terraces are there for you to enjoy. There are not open on a daily basis ; please consult the information board at the entrance of the zoo or on our mobile website.

Is it possible to picnic inside the zoo ?

No, the picnics are forbidden inside the zoo. An area of 300 seats, with benches and tables, is available on the car park. It is possible to enter the zoo and then go out to picnic, subject to the delivery of an exit stamp at the shop.

Is the zoo close during winter ?

The zoo is open every day, all year long, from 9am (except under exceptional climatic conditions that could affect the traffic and/or the security of the visitors of Beauval).

What to do if a child get lost ?

Please, refer to the staff of one of our catering spots ; they all are connected permanently with walkies-talkies. The concerned child will be accompanied at the entrance of the zoo.

Are animals visible during winter ?

The winter activity of a zoological park is different from the summer one. If some animals live in their shelters because of the low outside temperatures, a lot of them are still visible inside the tropical hothouse or glazed houses.

Is it possible to come with a dog at the zoo ?

The zoo is not a wandering place for our friends the dogs neither other pets. Therefore, we highly recommend you not to visit the zoo with them. For more information, contact us at 0033 254 755 000.

Is it possible to visit Beauval cycling or roller skating ?

Bicycles, children bikes, roller skates and scooters are forbidden inside the zoo.

How much is the entrance to Beauval ?

Please refer to the schedule and prices page

Are the shows included in the entrance fee ?

The birds show ("Les Maîtres des Airs") and Sea Lions show ("L’Odyssée des lions de mer"), being two different shows, are included in the entrance fee. No entrance fee is asked inside the zoological park.

Is it possible to come with a class at Beauval ?

Of course ! The dedicated website « Children Groups » presents the school prices and the entire pedagogical offer of Beauval. (In French only)

How long does it take to come from Paris, Tours, Bordeaux... ?

Please refer to the access page.

How many employees work at Beauval ?

The zoological park of Beauval and its hotels represent 150 permanent employees, to whom are added some 200 seasonal workers. With the opening, in 2015, of a third hotel complex, 90 people from the hotel and catering area will join the staff.

How many visitors a year come to Beauval ?

The zoological park of Beauval has received 1.1 million visitors in 2015.

How much cost a snowy leopard or a gorilla ?

For deontological purposes, the zoological parks removed all money question about animals exchanges. Each of them proceeds by exchange or breeding loan, every animal of Beauval coming from other zoological parks.

I would like to have a baby lion or a baby monkey, how can I do ?

Definitely not ! Neither the big cats, neither the primates are built for becoming pets. Chimpanzees, to take this example only, can become extremely powerful and dangerous when adult. Furthermore, no one can turn into an animal carer and think about very serious knowledge about these specific species. Besides, these species, for some of them endangered, are most of the time part of breeding and protection programs. The possession of new pets creates a lot of problems, in particular when the animals are released into the wild (birds, small mammals, reptiles...). Actually, the possession of such animals by individuals is most of the time forbidden. Be very careful !