Stroller's rental, lockers, picnic area, car park :
a lot of services are provided to the visitors of the ZooParc de Beauval.

Car park

Eight free car parks (4 000 spaces), one of them dedicated to the motor homes, are located nearby the zoo. Some spaces are dedicated to disabled people, and also some other are made for bicycles and motorbikes, at the entrance of the main car park.

Young children welcome

  • Restrooms of the zoo are equipped with spaces for changing babies
  • Strollers are on rent for 5€ per day (for one stroller, ID will be needed as guarantee)
  • Next to the catering spots, some micro-wave ovens are at your disposal for you to heat young children meals.
  •  Large playgrounds, adjusted to different ages, are located in the nearby of the catering places « L'Eucalyptus » and « Le Kilimandjaro ». A carousel is also settled on the terrace of « L'Eucalyptus ».

Welcome of disabled visitors

Most of the park is accessible to disabled people, except certain alleys with hard slope, that are indicated on site, and also on the visitors map, that will be given to you on your arrival. For the amphitheaters, some access ramps lead to dedicated spaces for wheeling chairs.

The Guide Dogs for the Blinds and assistance dogs for disabled people are allowed inside the zoo. Only the tropical hothouse and the Chinese area are forbidden to them and will have to be visited alternating: meanwhile the dog is kept outside of these areas, his owner visits with one of the people whose accompanying him, and then keep the dog outside.

Beauval earned the label “Tourisme et Handicap”.

Welcome of foreign visitors

  • At the entrance, the foreign visitors will receive a map in English
  • Most of the pedagogical labels are translated into English
  • Some audio and texts presentations on a selection of species are available in English via QR codes that you can flash inside the zoo.

Welcome of mature visitors

The tree-lined alleys of the zoo are shady and full of benches that enable often breaks. The two shows of Beauval are to be discovered from amphitheaters with many seats.


Picnics are forbidden inside the zoo. A 300 seats area, with benches and tables is at your disposal on the car park. It is possible to enter the zoo and go out to have picnic, but you absolutely need to get a stamp on your way out of the shop.


Cool break for the visitors ... Next to the terrace of Kilimanjaro, the Chinese area and the island of chimpanzees, large foggers cool kids and adults during their summer visit to ZooParc. When temperatures are rising, do not hesitate to stop there!


Because of Vigipirate, lockers are temporarily closed.


The zoo is not a strolling place for dogs and pets. Therefore, we strongly recommend you not to visit the park with them. For more information, please contact us at 0033 254 755 000.

Meteorological conditions

Whatever the weather is like, it is always nice to visit Beauval. When raining, a lot of shelters are still reachable, particularly, the four wide tropical hothouses of the zoo. When it is very hot, various shady alleys and watering places will give the visitor a shelter. Depending on the climatic conditions, some animals can stay inside their run, but stay visible from the outside, thanks to the bay windows.


Two shops offer a lot of products linked with the Zoological Park of Beauval and the species preservation: cuddly toys, books, DVD's, stationery, textiles, bags, games, jewels, collection's medals... Many souvenirs and ideas for gifts!!!


Balinese, Vietnamese or Chinese atmosphere: les Hôtels de Beauval welcome the visitors in three different warm universes, with a refined decoration. In the nearby of the zoo, choose the change of scene...

Tourism information desk

Open from April to November and located at the entrance of the zoo, a tourism information point offers a great range of documentation in order to discover the cultural and heritage treasures of the region.

First Aid

A first Aid member of staff wanders the zoo and gives the first care. If need be, this one