From the origins of Beauval, its directors chose to concretely act for the protection of the planet. Future project, willpower, necessity: the settlement of ecological gestures is now fully integrated in the daily life of the zoo.

Daily basis action

Beauval works on many ecological actions: fruits and vegetables with which the animals are fed are produced locally, use of biodegradable disposable tableware, documents printing on recycled paper, weeding is made by hands (no chemical products), composting of vegetal waste, use of natural cleaning products... Plenty of gestures inducing a positive change in the behaviors of the company's staff, as much as its visitors.

Goal: anaerobic digestion

The first unit of anaerobic digestion integrated to a zoological park was put in operation at Beauval during spring 2014. Located in the nearby of the zoo's enclosure, the factory transforms into energy the animals manure and the green waste of the establishment; some are from the shearing of animals and the cuttings of the plants of the 30 ha of the site, other are given by local farmers and the town council, additional materials necessary to the implementation of the plan.

Named bio-gas, the energy created by burning, enables the production of electricity, reserved to be sold to EDF (Electricity of France), but above all, enables to produce heat, that is used to supply two facilities of the zoo: the gorillas and manatees hothouse, and the elephants house.

The sustainable commitment

The ZooParc de Beauval started in 2011 a donation of used cellphones, in order to recycle coltan, a ore contained in the emerging technology devices. The extraction of this ore is responsible for a galloping deforestation in Africa. 3000 devices later, the action goes on through the association Beauval Nature, involved in many programs of animals species preservation.