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The pandas team

An old Chinese saying tells
« This is not the aim of the stroll that is important but the small steps that leads there ».

The birth of a baby panda is always a great source of joy. It rewards the efforts of all for the species preservation. Nowadays, the panda is classified as an endangered species. The way to succeed is scattered with hope, doubts and mostly great moments of emotion when the happy occasion finally arrives. This would be a premiere for the only couple of pandas living in France in the ZooParc de Beauval since 2012.

With only one mating period a year that only lasts for 48 hours, births among pandas are very rare. With proven experience from last years, Beauval settled a team fully dedicated to Huan Huan and Yuan Zi. Together, they form the « PANDAS TEAM » !

Step by step, all our specialists are already in action. Daily, hour by hour: they pamper our couple of giant pandas by making sure to respect nature and wellness of our animals. The beautiful and great saga of our pandas in Beauval continues with the “Panda Team” for a new and surprising season 2017. The « PANDAS TEAM » is already in action.

Discover all the members of the « PANDAS TEAM » !

The main operators

Yuan Zi - Panda - ZooParc de Beauval
Yuan Zi
Giant panda, male

Born on September 6th 2008, at the Chengdu base in China, it has the same age as Huan Huan, 8 years old! Yuan Zi, our male panda, is “the son of the one who has a rounded head”. The name Yuan Yuan was given to its mother because its head is very “yuan”, meaning very “round”, Zi meaning “son” in Chinese. Yuan Zi, the aptly named, is constantly photographed. Very nice to its carers and bon vivant, Yuan Zi eats 30 to 40kg of bamboo daily!

Meet Yuan Zi

Huan Huan - Panda - ZooParc de Beauval
Huan Huan
Giant panda, female

Huan Huan was born on August 10th 2008, at the Chengdu base in China. As a wink to the Olympic Games of Beijing, among the babies of the center, 5 were named: Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Ying Ying and Ni Ni according the welcome sentence of the OG: “Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni” that means “Beijing is happy to welcome you”. Huan Huan is one the 5 babies and its name means “welcome” and “great joy”. Huan Huan, our female panda, is a great star. Used to the cameras, it makes the enjoyment of young and old alike, at Beauval and on the screen!

Meet Huan Huan

La Team Pandas - ZooParc de Beauval

The other operators

Rodolphe Delord - Directeur - ZooParc de Beauval
General Manager

Animal lover since his earliest childhood, Rodolphe decided to quit school at 16 in order to join his mother and support her into the Beauval adventure. As a builder, Rodolphe works to extend the site with the aim of welcoming a great diversity of  animal species. He is also president of the Beauval Nature association as well as  the French Association of The Zoological Parks .

The birth of a panda at ZooParc de Beauval would be a strong symbol. It would be a great reward for the huge work undertaken with our Chinese partners on the preservation of the species. It would be a great joy for us and our teams and of course for our visitors themselves who are waiting for this birth too!

Eric - Directeur de la conservation - ZooParc de Beauval
Sciences manager, Collection and Conservation

Former Zoological Manager at Lisbon Zoo, Eric is since 2008, in charge of the animals collection management of  the ZooParc de Beauval. As Conservation Director for Beauval Nature Association, he works on numerous conservation programs all over the world including pandas.

The birth of babies pandas in Beauval is the consequence of  a program we began in 2005 and will contribute to conserve this species. Any birth embodies hope to preserve this unique animal for future generation  and symbolizes worldwide biodiversity conservation

Baptiste - Vétérinaire - ZooParc de Beauval
Veterinarian Manager and Research Director

National Veterinarian School of Alfort graduate, Baptiste joined the Beauval adventure in 2004. He manages the veterinarian sector since 2014. Research Director at Beauval Nature Association, he is also a European consultant veterinarian for the Queensland Koala international breeding program and Persian Leopard European Breeding Program (EEP).

The dosages we made during the reproduction period of the female panda still are rarely-seen in the world but they  bring new knowledge to determine more precisely if there were fertilization then implantation. This year, the comparisons with all the 2016’s datas will be a precious advantage .

Antoine - Vétérinaire - ZooParc de Beauval

Since 2014, Antoine practices as a veterinarian at the ZooParc de Beauval. National Veterinarian School of Alfort graduate. He is also European consultant veterinarian for the European Black Lemur and Greater Kudu breeding program (EEP). Antoine ensures the mission of secretary for French Speaking Zoological Parks Association.

It’s such a chance to work  with this species living in only 5 zoological institutions in Europe ! Panda’s births are extremely rare and leave its mark on a veterinarian career.

Delphine - Soigneuse Animalière - ZooParc de Beauval
Head of the Pandas sector

In 2002, Delphine enters the animal service within the sector of the sea lion show and big cats. After several years at the koalas sector, she became responsible of it. Delphine nowadays manages a team of 7 people that take care of a diversity of species including the couple of pandas.

Everyday our animals surprise us. We learn a lot from them! With the pandas, we are proud to participate to the conservation project of the vulnerable species.

Astrid - Soigneuse Animalière - ZooParc de Beauval
Panda keeper

After 3 years of medicine school and a bachelor degree in biology of ecology and evolution of the populations, Astrid headed towards the animal world. Graduated from the carers school of Vendôme, she started in 2010 at the koalas sector of Beauval. She became the assistant of Delphine in 2013.

I like working with the pandas because it is a complex animal that we barely know for yet. It is motivating to share with fellow carers from other European zoological parks, always in order to improve the everyday life of the animals and particularly of this endangered species.

Wang - - ZooParc de Beauval
Researcher specialized into the reproduction of the pandas

A native of the Chinese province of Hubei, Harry is since 2008 researcher in breeding and nutrition at the famous « Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda ». Every year, he follows the reproduction period of the 30 females pandas of the center. He steps in at Beauval to bring its expertise and precious advice to the Panda Team.

I think that the behavior of Huan Huan is very good and the interaction with Yuan Zi is good. In my work, it is necessary to be precise because the female panda is fertile only a few hours every year.

Sophie - Etudiante ethologue - ZooParc de Beauval
Student in Master Degree of Ethology

Sophie is a student in second year of Master Degree of Applied Ethology at the University of Paris 13. For her university thesis, she studies the behavior of Huan Huan during a reproduction and gestation period. Sophie spends her days to register the lower comings and goings of the pandas.

I am very proud to participate to the research of the reproduction of the panda, this is a privilege! The behavior of Huan Huan is promising. Yuan Zi, looks like it loses patience. We keep fingers crossed for it to work this year!

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