Yuan Zi, male giant panda, unique in France - mâle panda - ZooParc de Beauval

Yuan Zi, male giant panda, unique in France

With the female Huan Huan, they form the most admired pair of the ZooParc de Beauval. The charismatic Yuan Zi delights the photographs and often strikes comical poses.
Sur les hauteurs de Chine
Yuan Zi - photo d'identité - ZooParc de Beauval
Yuan Zi
Giant panda
  • Gender : male
  • Date of birth : September 6th 2008
  • Place of birth : Chengdu, China
  • Arrival at the ZooParc : January 2012

Yuan Zi, our male panda, is “the son of the one who has a rounded head”. His mother was indeed named “Yuan Yuan” because her head was very “yuan”, meaning very “round”, and “Zi” means “son” in Chinese.

Les spécificités de notre mâle panda - Yuan Zi - Panda géant - ZooParc de Beauval

The specificities of our male panda

Yuan Zi is a great male of about 110 kg (240 pounds). He has a more impressive stature than the female and walks with self-confidence, especially before the photographs in front of which he likes to strut about. He even seems to appreciate posing! Speaking of posing, Yuan Zi has a way of his own to mark his territory: it is not rare to see him legs in the air and head down!

Une journée type de Monsieur Yuan Zi - Yuan Zi - Panda géant - ZooParc de Beauval

Mr Yuan Zi’s daily routine

With his expressive look, Yuan Zi watches out for the arrival of his keepers every morning (or maybe only for the bamboos they carry…) and comes to meet them. During the day, he particularly appreciates to savour his bamboo in public, seated in his behind, covered with branches and leaves. After a good meal, he can usually be observed at the top of a tree, where he likes to take a nap.

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