Baby koala

Baby animals and news

Baby koala

The ZooParc’s fabulous births!

Each year, in every season, we have the pleasure of experiencing more than 950 births, giving genuine hope for the preservation of endangered species. Witness the early days of all these adorable babies!

Born in the last few months

From mid-June to mid-July:
2 red pandas
3 goats
1 Kirk’s dik-dik
1 Reeves’s muntjac
5 ocellate river stingrays
1 golden-handed tamarin
1 Southern tamandua
4 meerkats
3 red-breasted gooses
1 giraffe

From mid-July to mid-August:
2 female giant panda
1 male manatee
2 common dwarf mongooses
1 bush stone-curlew
2 blue-winged gooses
10 scarlet ibis
6 black kites
4 Abdim’s storks
6 Brahma chicks
5 Eurasian spoonbills
1 ocellate river female stingray
1 sitatunga

From mid-August to mid-September:
6 scarlet ibis
2 De Brazza’s monkey
2 Philippines sailfin lizard
1 green anole
2 grey crowned crane
3 White-lipped tamarin

Cute babies!

For 40 years, baby animals have animated the life of the park and brought us hope for the conservation of endangered species…
Fall in love with these adorable newborns and their parents…
Even better ! Come and meet them at the ZooParc de Beauval.

Beauval Nature Raconte

Our females reintroduced in Gabon

Follow the Beauval Nature expedition which reintroduced 2 female gorillas born at the ZooParc de Beauval, Mayombé and Kuimba, back into the wild. Against a backdrop of breath-taking landscapes, experience the emotional rollercoaster endured by our team, from the departure from the zoo to the first few steps on the island!

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Beauval Nature

For the past 10 years, the Beauval Nature association has joined forces with field workers to support them in their primary mission of species conservation. Beauval works closely with numerous conservation and research programmes around the world to study and protect endangered species. This everyday action takes place in order to protect our biodiversity.