Le Nuage de Beauval - Cabine téléphérique du ZooParc de Beauval

Le Nuage de Beauval

« Discover the park with your head in “the cloud”! An experience unlike any other in France, offering you a unique perspective of the zoo’s animals. »

Biodiversity as you’ve never seen it before!

Le Nuage de Beauval gives you a breath-taking panoramic view of the animals in the park. In the glass-floored cabins, from 40 m up in the air, observe the elephants, okapis, and Tasmanian devils as they pass beneath your feet. A truly exceptional sight included in the ticket price!

Télécabine du ZooParc de Beauval - Une vue imprenable sur le spectacles des otaries - Nuage de Beauval
Télécabine du ZooParc de Beauval - Un mode de transport respectueux de l'environnement - Nuage de Beauval
Télécabine du ZooParc de Beauval - Vison époustouflante - Nuage de Beauval
Télécabine du ZooParc de Beauval - Vue de La Réserve des Hippopotames - Nuage de Beauval

Take to the skies on board the cable car

The cable car links 2 major ZooParc territories: the elephant territory, not far from the pandas, and the land of the lions. The 24 cabins, suitable for people with disabilities and families with pushchairs, will take you to new heights during your visit… 40 m heights in fact!

1 in 3 cabins with glazed floor.

« You can also take a gondola-like tram from one of the park to the other which goes over the elephant plain and gives you a neat perspective of the zoo. »

mafels - Jul 2020

A green method of transport to keep the skies blue

Suitable for people with disabilities
Le Nuage de Beauval cable car

Built in accordance with Beauval’s commitment to being ecological, this means of transport is 100% electric, silent, and is also the method of public transport with the lowest CO2 emissions. Le nuage de Beauval cable car thus combines practicality with respect for animals and nature.

40 m high

Accessible aux PSH et aux poussettes

24 cabins with space for 8

An 800 m journey!

Opening times and seasons

The opening hours may vary depending on peak periods and weather conditions.

Consult the timetable on the map given on the day of your visit.

Where can I see them in the park?

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Staying in the area for lunch?

Le Serengeti - Restaurant - ZooParc de Beauval


Le Serengeti

Let the roaring of lions guide you to this restaurant… Grilled food, drinks, and ice cream can all be enjoyed in front of these majestic felines.

Take the experience further…

Meet the ZooParc de Beauval’s animals during unique face-to-face meetings! Shows, backstage tours, working with keepers, there are so many different ways to get up close and personal with these fascinating animals!

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