Junior Keeper activity

Our discovery activities

Better than a simple visit, discover ZooParc de Beauval behind-the-scenes and get closer to its animals!
Keeper for a Day

Discover the ZooParc from backstage

Participate in ZooParc de Beauval’s activities and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience. You will discover the zoo and its animals in a truly unique way. Accompanied by our teams of keeper-facilitators, take part in caring for the animals (feeding, cleaning of enclosures, creation of enrichments, etc.).

Nos visites guidées

Accompagnés d’un médiateur scientifique, découvrez nos incroyables visites guidées !

Premiers pas de soigneurs

De 6 à 10 ans, faites découvrir le ZooParc de Beauval à votre enfant, au plus près des animaux !

Junior Keeper

An incredible day for your children aged 10 to 17 years old as they step into the shoes of an animal keeper!

Practical information

Image Rights
The Management reserves the right to request the removal of content published on the internet and social media that shows behind-the-scenes aspects of ZooParc de Beauval.
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