Varan d'eau malais - Consulter le règlement intérieur avant votre visite - ZooParc de Beauval

Rules and regulations

Varan d'eau malais - Consulter le règlement intérieur avant votre visite - ZooParc de Beauval

1. Opening hours

The ZooParc de Beauval is open from 9 a.m. every day, all year round.

The show schedules are specified on the Shows and activities page (the Management reserves the right to modify the performance conditions at any time)

2. Respect for the animals

Visitors are asked to behave in a way that is compatible with the welfare of the animals. It is forbidden to feed the animals, except with food that is specifically allocated by the park for this reason and which is reserved for certain species (ducks and goats exclusively). It is forbidden to throw objects at the animals. It is forbidden to frighten the animals by knocking on windows, making noise, or chasing those that are free-ranging. The tropical greenhouses must be visited in a quiet and orderly fashion. The Management reserves the right to remove a species from public view for animal-health, safety, or for works.

3. Respect for others

Visitors must dress appropriately and behave decently. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the Park to any person who does not respect these instructions.

4. Safety instructions

It is forbidden to run, leave the pathways, cross the security barriers, or enter the premises reserved for personnel. Throughout your visit to the ZooParc, children are under the full responsibility of accompanying adults. 

It is forbidden to bring weapons, dangerous objects, or dangerous goods onto the grounds of the ZooParc. Certain toys, such as those in the form of weapons, sticks, balls, scooters, bicycles, and tricycles are prohibited.

It is forbidden to use sound instruments of any kind. It is forbidden to walk barefoot. The admission of dogs or any other animal into the ZooParc is subject to the Management’s discretion. In all cases, dog access is strictly prohibited in the following areas: buildings housing animals (tropical greenhouses), the “hippopotamus reserve”, “Le Nuage de Beauval” cable car, the “heights of China” and, by extension, access to the bears and arctic wolves. Dogs must be kept on a short leash and during the show must be positioned halfway up in the stands. They must not excite the animals under any circumstances.

5. Organised tours

Any group visiting the park is under the full responsibility of the group leaders, who must ensure the supervision and security of the group. These group leaders must be sufficiently numerous to be able to provide permanent supervision, in compliance with these present regulations. Unaccompanied visits by children and adolescents are strictly prohibited.

6. Taking photographs and/or video recordings

Any photographs and/or video recordings that are the subject of commercial exploitation must receive the express prior authorisation of the ZooParc de Beauval management.

7. Catering

It is forbidden to picnic in the ZooParc.