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Practical information

Eight free car parks (4,000 spaces), including one reserved for motorhomes, are located near the Zoo. Parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities, as well as bicycles and two-wheeled motor vehicles, are provided at the entrance of the main car park. Find them on the park map.

Lockers are available at the zoo entrance. A 50 euro cent coin is required to close a locker.


For the well-being of our animals and the cleanliness of the premises, we ask you not to picnic inside the park. A roofed picnicking area (for 300 people) is available near the zoo entrance, alongside the main car park. Another picnicking area is available near the dome entrance, close to the North entrance.

After purchasing your entry ticket, you can enter or leave the ZooParc at your leisure, by receiving a re-entry stamp at reception. These are also freely available for use at the exit turnstile.

First aid

A paramedic patrols the zoo and can provide first aid. If required, he can be quickly alerted by our teams (catering, animal keeper staff, etc.).

Defibrillators are available at the entrance to the ZooParc as well as at certain food outlets indicated on the map.


Three shops offer numerous products related to the ZooParc de Beauval and the conservation of species: soft toys, books, DVDs, stationery, clothes, bags, games, jewellery, collector’s medallions… So many souvenirs and gift ideas! Beauval has also an online store.


Discover, or rediscover all the books produced by Beauval’s education team, including our best-seller: “Beauval, les plus belles photos”. Also find new products, designed in partnership with Nathan publishing.

Weather conditions

Throughout every season, no matter the weather, it is always the right time to visit Beauval! In case of rain, the four tropical greenhouses and The Equatorial Dome will give you shelter. During hot weather, the shaded pathways of the park and our misting machines will refresh your day.

Depending on the climatic conditions, certain animals may be found in their indoor spaces but can still be observed via viewing windows. In exceptionally bad weather, the cable car may be closed for safety reasons.

Reception of visitors

Welcoming young children

For little ones, folding pushchairs are available for hire at the entrance of the park (€ 5 per unit/day, with a form of identity left as a deposit). Microwave ovens are available at our food outlets to allow you to reheat their meals. The zoo’s toilets are equipped with “baby changing” areas.

Large play areas, suitable for various age groups, are located close to the following food outlets: “L’Eucalyptus”, near the elephants; and “Le Kilimandjaro”, near to the land of the lions. A carousel is also located on the terrace of “L’Eucalyptus”.

Welcoming visitors with disabilities

Most of the park is accessible to people with reduced mobility except for certain pathways with very steep slopes. These are indicated on-site and on the map given to visitors upon their arrival. At the amphitheatres, access ramps lead to spaces reserved for wheelchairs.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs for people with disabilities are allowed in the zoo. However, they are prohibited from entering certain zones (tropical greenhouses, heights of China, and equatorial dome) which must be visited by an alternate method.

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchairs are available for hire upon reservation by calling 0254 755 000.

Rental price: € 12 per day.

We also offer electric mobility scooters at a price of € 25 for one day.

A check for € 200 will be requested as a deposit on-site at the ZooParc de Beauval.

Welcoming foreign visitors

The map, the visitor’s guide, and most of the educational signs are translated into English. Audio and text presentations on a selection of species are available in English via QR codes within the ZooParc.

Welcoming elderly visitors

Being bordered by many trees, the zoo’s pathways are shaded and are punctuated by benches allowing frequent breaks. Beauval’s two shows take place in amphitheatres with ample seating.

Tourism information point

A Tourist Information Point, open from April to November, is located at the zoo’s entrance and offers a wide range of information to help you discover the heritage and cultural riches of the region

Sécuri-site certified

For security reasons, a bag-check is carried out before visitors enter our establishment. The ZooParc de Beauval was Sécuri-site certified in 2018.

Tips and advice


Find yourself in a Balinese, African, Vietnamese, or Chinese setting: Beauval’s Hotels welcome you into four unique worlds, each with authentic, refined decoration. Stay in one of Beauval’s 3 hotels or in our residential hotel to make the most of your visit. Choose a change of scenery, choose Destination Beauval…

Misting machines

Large misting machines can be found on the Kilimandjaro terrace, in the Chinese zone, in the cheetah territory, and near the chimpanzee island, offering visitors a refreshing break during summer visits to the ZooParc. When the temperature starts hotting up, feel free to visit them!

Domestic animals

The zoo is not a suitable place for dogs or other pets. They cannot enter the tropical greenhouses, the equatorial dome, le nuage de Beauval cable cars, the North American territory, or the heights of China. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not visit with them.

If you decide to take your pets with you, do not leave them in your vehicle. Regardless of whether you are parked in the shade, have left water, or left the windows half-open; the summer heat can be fatal to pets. Think about their safety!

A canine and feline boarding service located in Saint-Aignan can house your faithful four-legged friends during your visit to the zoo! Open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m./7 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Cabo’ch’Art - canine and feline boarding, grooming, and training

617, rue de la Gitonnière

41 110 Saint Aignan

Tel: 0254 714 904

Internet: www.cabochart.fr

Mobile telephone battery rental

2 battery rental kiosks are located within the ZooParc: one at the entrance to the “Maki et Catta” shop, next to the coffee machines; and the other at the equatorial dome exit, next to the “Uluwatu” shop.

How it works:

- download the Jaja powerbank application (the company that manages the kiosks) to credit your account
- once credited, scan the QR Code to rent a battery (€ 1 per hour or € 2 for the day)
- upon confirmation of purchase, a battery will be released. Take it and charge your phone during your visit!
- during payment, a pre-authorisation of € 19 is requested and acts as a deposit
- you can then return your rented battery to any Jaja powerbank kiosk
- the batteries have iPhone, mini USB, and USB c connector cables
- if a problem arises, a number is displayed on each kiosk, as well as a contact form via the application

Mobile app

The Beauval app will guide you through the ZooParc’s pathways, helping you to discover its extraordinary animals. It will answer any practical questions you have during your visit! Finding your way around the ZooParc’s 44 hectares is child’s play with this application!

Beauval e-Wallet

With this e-Wallet there is no longer any need to take out your wallet or bank card. Simply present the QR Code (on your smartphone or on paper) in our shops or at our catering outlets to pay for your purchases.

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