Bring your family - Spring - ZooParc de Beauval

Come and visit the ZooParc de Beauval in spring

Bring your family - Spring - ZooParc de Beauval

In spring, the day length increases as does the time for discovering animals!

March, April, May, June… Little by little, like a bird making its nest, the days get longer, the temperatures get milder, and so naturally, the urge arises to wander the ZooParc de Beauval’s pathways surrounded by lush greenery. Explore the 22 territories where you can admire 35,000 animals belonging to 800 species: giant pandas, Tasmanian devils, snow leopards, koalas… And so many more! A fabulous idea for a two-day getaway over the Easter weekend, or during the spring holidays, for an unforgettable family adventure at the very heart of nature.

The re-awakening of nature at Beauval

The Cheetah Territory with flowers - ZooParc de Beauval

Treat your senses at the ZooParc amongst the trees and flowers

At Beauval, as nature re-awakens with the arrival of spring, the days stretch out offering a symphony of bewitching colours and fragrances. It’s the perfect time to stroll amongst the spring blooms, where the dazzling palette of colours paints a most enchanting picture. Starting at the South entrance, admire the hawthorns with their fragrant white blossoms as you walk down The Historic Alley beside the Exotic Duck River, and then a little further on, the Judas trees with their stunning pink flowers. You’ll be awe-struck by the power and serenity exuded by the giant sequoia tree native to North America, one of the ZooParc’s most majestic trees. Nearby you’ll find the Bird Tropical Greenhouse, home to rhinoceros hornbills and sloths, on the pathway that leads to the Cheetah Territory and the African Savannah, a vast 3-hectare plain where giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras, and ostriches live together in harmony.

Baby East Javan langur - Births - ZooParc de Beauval

Spring births: touching new beginnings

As you wander around the pathways and territories of the animals, you’re sure to notice the little signs that read “Bébé à bord” (“Baby on board”), because spring is a particularly busy time for births. Take in those first tentative steps, the cuddles with their mothers… all the magical moments of tenderness and bonding, like those that were witnessed in the spring of 2023 when so many other bundles of joy were born.

In April alone last year, 1 Humboldt penguin, 1 three-banded armadillo, 2 rainbow lorikeets, 1 Harris’s hawk, 2 pancake tortoises, 1 Javan langur, 2 bald eagles, 1 male Caribbean manatee, 1 Goeldi’s tamarin, 4 fulvous whistling ducks, 2 brown wood-owls, 1 hooded vulture, 2 yellow-billed storks, 1 red-whiskered bulbul, and 3 Eurasian eagle owls were born!

Educational talks - ZooParc de Beauval

Seasonal educational activities: a behind-the-scenes experience

Immerse yourself in the springtime wonders of the ZooParc de Beauval with our exciting educational activities throughout the day! Our scientific facilitators invite you to experience unforgettable encounters with extraordinary species: cheetahs, tortoises, giant pandas, gorillas, Komodo dragons, penguins, koalas, lions… Enjoy the most fascinating moments in the animals’ lives, such as enrichment and feeding time. Join us for an immersive, educational experience that is full of discovery. Don’t miss the educational talks that are played over loudspeakers at set times, providing breathtaking information about our flagship species. They’re the perfect addition to face-to-face encounters with our facilitators, making for a truly enriching experience. 

Organise your visit to the ZooParc de Beauval in spring

Tips for the perfect visit: our ticketing tips

What are the best ways to spend a day, a night, or a weekend at Beauval? We’ll let you in on our tips for organising your visit to the ZooParc de Beauval during the spring. First of all, a 1-day ticket or a 2-day ticket? We recommend a 2-day ticket, which is valid for 2 consecutive days at the ZooParc de Beauval so that you can make the most of all the territories, shows, and activities. If you opt for a 2-day ticket, you can choose between fixed-date tickets and undated tickets that are valid for one year. Need some advice? Choose your days (fixed-date tickets) exclusively online and benefit from discounts. If you opt for a single day’s visit, you can also book your fixed-date ticket exclusively online and get a discount! In short, it’s worth planning your visit, knowing your dates, and booking!

Prepare your visit - Tickets - ZooParc de Beauval

Where can I eat? The best spots for a delicious bite to eat at the ZooParc

Where are the best places to eat in spring? Enjoy lunch on the Etosha terrace, opposite the African elephants, and you might even be lucky enough to see them taking a bath as you tuck into wraps or Swedish bread. Fancy spring rolls, prawn samosas, sweet and sour chicken, ice cream, or maybe a waffle? Then head for Les Bambous, located in the centre of the Heights of China, close to the giant pandas, for the perfect food break before or after you have visited the Arctic wolves and brown bears of The North American Territory. Another excellent option: Le Tropical and its terrace, located right next to the sea lion show, L’Odyssée des Lions de Mer. Located at the centre of the ZooParc, Le Tropical offers starters, hot dishes, cheese platters, desserts, drinks, and children’s menus. In the mood for a burger or a salad? Le Kilimandjaro, situated not far from the Hippopotamus Reserve and Les Maîtres des Airs performance arena, also boasts a sunny terrace! At the Equatorial Dome, take a break at La Canopée, where you can enjoy fresh fruit juices, natural granitas, and handmade ice creams with original flavours all day long. Want to have lunch or a snack on a terrace overlooking the giraffes? If so, opt for La Savane, which serves sandwiches, pitas, salads, waffles, and drinks. Not all restaurants are open at the same time. You can check on the day of your visit on our catering page.

Stays at Beauval - ZooParc de Beauval

Accommodation and services: extend your Beauval adventure

Know that one day is not enough to explore everything at Beauval! Staying for 2 or 3 days with one or two nights in one of our hotels is the ideal solution, especially in spring with the return of the fine weather! Extend your Beauval adventure by booking into one of our themed hotels. Book your stay and drop your bags in the continent of your choice. Asia, Africa, South America… What will your destination be? An immersion in the land of China at Les Pagodes de Beauval? A Mexican getaway at Les Rivages de Beauval? An escape to Bali at Les Jardins de Beauval? An African adventure at Les Hauts de Beauval? A journey to Vietnam at Les Hameaux de Beauval? Relax in the comfort of our hotels after an exceptional day at the ZooParc. For example, you can book your tickets + hotel package deal with our “Pass Park Hotels”. Another particularly popular package for a gift or just to treat yourself with is the Beauval Box, which includes 1 night at LesJardins de Beauval or Les Pagodes de Beauval hotel for 2 adults in a double room, admission to the ZooParc for 2 consecutive days, breakfasts… And it’s even possible to add additional options!

An unforgettable family experience

Don’t miss out: special encounters for all the family

Take part in discovery activities at the ZooParc de Beauval and immerse yourself in the amazing world of animals with our team of scientific facilitators. Some unforgettable experiences are awaiting you, such as the “Keeper for a Day” activity which offers special encounters with the animals for all ages. With our guided tours, you can discover how Beauval ensures the well-being of its residents and go behind the scenes at Beauval and the Equatorial Dome’s veterinary clinic! For our youngest visitors, fun activities such as “Premiers pas de soigneur” will guarantee some enriching experiences. You can also set off on an adventure with our games booklets for a day full of wonder!

Feeding the Humboldt penguins - Activity Keeper for a Day - ZooParc de Beauval

Don’t miss the return of the shows in spring

Performances of the shows resume at the end of March having stopped during the winter. Come admire and applaud the agile sea lions in the Odyssée des Lions de Mer show in the spectacular setting of the aquatic amphitheatre. And be sure not to miss the spectacular Maîtres des Airs show, in which you will see hundreds of birds in action in a vast theatre full of greenery. Marvel at the impressive flight of the birds of prey, the beauty of the parrots, and enjoy a truly out-of-the-ordinary experience!

Les Maîtres des Airs show - ZooParc de Beauval

Visitor testimonials: shared experiences and unforgettable memories

The most beautiful zoo I’ve ever seen. The most impressive thing was the Maîtres des Airs bird show. Simply outstanding. We saw it twice. It’s just magical. This visit is a genuine must, ” said one delighted visitor.

The sea lion show was very interesting, our little ones really enjoyed it, and you can’t help but notice the incredible bond that these animals have with their keeper, ” said another amazed visitor.

It was like a weekend removed from time, reminding us that we are nothing special when compared to nature and animals. Accommodation on site, family friendly atmosphere, very pleasant and cheerful staff. We had the pleasure of meeting the director, who is an enthusiastic and inspiring person, ” adds Damien.

A very beautiful animal park that you’ll need at least a day to discover. The route flows nicely through a garden of superb flowers and trees, ” commented Corinne last spring.

So, when are you coming?

Biodiversity and education at the ZooParc de Beauval

Fun activities for children at

Beauval’s educational programme: raising awareness this spring

A zoological park has many missions: ensuring the well-being of the animals it houses, working towards the conservation of endangered species, raising awareness from an early age about protecting biodiversity, protecting the local natural environment, and promoting research focusing on endangered species… In short, raising awareness to better protect species! To turn your visit into a valuable learning experience, come and meet our educational team and talk to one of our scientific facilitators. To find out everything there is to know about our wonderful biodiversity, attend our educational talks, discover the Maison Beauval Nature opposite the penguin pond, visit the bivouac at the heart of the Equatorial Dome, and be inspired by the missions of the association that the ZooParc created in 2009.

Red panda - Beauval Nature Association

Contributing to conservation: your visit makes a difference

Did you know? Simply by visiting the ZooParc de Beauval, you are supporting the conservation of endangered species and biodiversity. Each year, the ZooParc de Beauval donates 1% of its turnover to the Beauval Nature association, which supports more than 70 conservation and research programmes around the world. You can do even more by making a donation to the Beauval Nature association or by becoming an animal sponsor. All of the funds donated for sponsorship go to the association and then on to its partner programmes. As a sponsor, you will be kept informed of the progress made by these conservation and research programmes. This is because the Beauval Nature newsletter is one of the many benefits of sponsorship. Sponsorship is a useful, practical way for anyone to help protect the world’s biodiversity.

At the ZooParc de Beauval, there are no unpleasant surprises: everything is included in the entry ticket price. Some activities have an extra charge, but you are made aware! There is no additional charge for shows, educational activities, the 'Nuage de Beauval’ cable car ride over the park, or the visit to the Equatorial Dome. It’s all inclusive!

Beauval Nature

Do your part for conservation!

Sponsor an animal!

Becoming an animal sponsor allows you to form a strong relationship with your favourite animal whilst financing the conservation programmes supported by the Beauval Nature association. All money paid is allocated in full to the association and is then invested into one of the many species conservation programmes it supports around the world.

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