Aerial view of the Equatorial Dome and the cable car of the ZooParc de Beauval

Come and visit the ZooParc de Beauval in autumn

Aerial view of the Equatorial Dome and the cable car of the ZooParc de Beauval

An idea for a trip in October or during the school holidays: the charms of autumn at Beauval

September, October, November… the autumn months are synonymous with magnificent colours, warm light, and the return to peace and quiet after the summer. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a day out or a longer stay at Beauval and enjoy a complete change of scenery. Choosing to come in the shoulder-season guarantees an unforgettable visit to the 4th most beautiful zoo in the world and is a great idea for a wild outing with family, friends, or as part of a group! Beauval is open all year round, including public holidays, such as All Saints’ Day and November the 11th. The ZooParc de Beauval has surprises in store for you every season: to discover them, visit the park whenever you want.

Get up close to the animals - Bring your family - Autumn season - ZooParc de Beauval

Get up close to the ZooParc de Beauval’s animals

You are guaranteed an unforgettable visit in the autumn as you will have a great view of the animals in their enclosures, aviaries, or pools. With fewer visitors, it is much easier to find a place in front of the animals, take your time observing them, and spot the best places for taking photos of them. Thanks to the smooth flow of traffic, it’s easy to stroll through the 45-hectare park while taking your time to explore, read the educational signs, and even retrace your steps! Take a leisurely stroll in the autumn breeze as the leaves fall around you, and why not take a break on one of the terraces or sitting on the benches found throughout the park.

Active animals - Bring your family - Autumn season - ZooParc de Beauval

The animals emerge from the shadows!

Like us, some species use strategies to avoid the intense summer heat, such as hiding in bushes, staying inside buildings, and sleeping in the shade. In the autumn, many species become more active and playful as they appreciate the gradual decrease in temperature. The animals become more energetic, seeking out the sun’s rays and gentle sunlight. Giant pandas, red pandas, takins, and felines including snow leopards particularly appreciate the period leading into winter! Coming to Beauval in the autumn is also a great opportunity to discover all the babies born in spring and summer. It’s perfect for a family outing!

Educational talks - Bring your family - Autumn season - ZooParc de Beauval

Discussions with educational facilitators

In the autumn, fewer people attend our educational talks. This means there’s plenty of opportunity to talk to the ZooParc’s educational mediators, who are always happy to answer questions and share their knowledge about the animals. Please don’t hesitate to ask them about your favourite species! Coming to Beauval in the autumn is not only guaranteed to be a fun outing, but also a great way to learn about the world’s wildlife!

Interior of the Equatorial Dome - Bring your family - Autumn season - ZooParc de Beauval

Beauval is the place to be, come rain or shine!

If the weather is being temperamental, take refuge in the 4 tropical greenhouses and the Equatorial Dome, the only one of its kind in the world, where you can see a great number of species and soak up some heat! It’s 26 °C all year round in the Dome! In the blink of an eye, you’ll be transported to the equator, right on the edge of the two hemispheres, with Komodo dragons, Bolivian squirrel monkeys, manatees, turtles, and bats, not to mention the red ibises that fly from one end of the Dome to the other…

As for the greenhouses, they have some amazing surprises in store for you as you venture through the pools, aviaries, and aquariums. Here, you can admire stunning birds, sweet koalas, impressive gorillas, charming orangutans, hundred-year-old tortoises, and other placid reptiles.

If you get caught in the rain along the pathways, bear in mind that all the walkways are now covered to shelter you for a few minutes until the squall passes…

Lunch break - Bring your family - Autumn season - ZooParc de Beauval

A well-deserved mid-visit lunch break

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a good lunch to help recharge your batteries during your visit. A number of restaurants are open and will accommodate you either indoors or on the terrace (when the weather is good). Check the list of eateries that are open on the day of your visit on our website or our ZooParc de Beauval app and give in to the tempting menus on offer. With traditional cuisine at 'le Tropical’ self-service restaurant, burgers at 'le Kilimandjaro’, pizzas and empanadas at 'le Flamingo’ and snacks (hot dogs, sandwiches, etc.). There’s something to suit all tastes and appetites! And if you’re just a bit peckish, stop off for a waffle, a crêpe, or an invigorating hot drink!

Near of a giant turtle - Discovery activity Keeper for a day - Bring your family - Autumn season - ZooParc de Beauval

Educational activities for all the family

Looking for a unique immersive experience, as close as possible to the animals? Step into a keeper’s shoes with our Keeper for a Day activity (booking required). Under the supervision of a scientific facilitator, spend a few hours experiencing the day-to-day life of a keeper with some of the ZooParc’s species. Carry out some of their daily tasks: observe a carnivore that is emblematic of the savannah, learn about a large herbivore, feed animals, and have a special encounter. There is also an option for children: Junior Keeper (booking required) and Mini Keepers (booking required).

Bird show - Bring your family - Autumn season - ZooParc de Beauval

Shows even in the autumn!

Our performances of 'Les Maîtres des Airs’ and 'L’Odyssée des Lions de mer’ continue until the 12th of November 2023! Make the most of autumn by coming and seeing them before the winter break. Marvel at the aerial ballet of Beauval’s birds and the agility of the sea lions. The shows take place every day, at the times indicated on the Zoo de Beauval app and on our website And the icing on the cake: in autumn, you can arrive just a few minutes before the show starts to settle yourself comfortably in the stands.

At the ZooParc de Beauval, there are no unpleasant surprises: everything is included in the entry ticket price. Some activities have an extra charge, but you are made aware! There is no additional charge for shows, educational activities, the 'Nuage de Beauval’ cable car ride over the park, or the visit to the Equatorial Dome. It’s all inclusive!

Beauval Nature

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Becoming an animal sponsor allows you to form a strong relationship with your favourite animal whilst financing the conservation programmes supported by the Beauval Nature association. All money paid is allocated in full to the association and is then invested into one of the many species conservation programmes it supports around the world.

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