Shows take place from March to September. Two amphitheaters host 'Les Maîtres des Airs', an amazing birds show, and 'L’Odyssée des lions de mer', with agile sea lions!


Next shows :
  • 15h00 L'Odyssée des lions de mer

In case of severe weather, the management reserves the right to cancel shows for animal safety and comfort of the public.


Two fascinating shows

In 2015, 'Les Maîtres des Airs' takes of again! At the heart of a spacious green amphitheater, 200 birds fly above the heads of the audience in an outdoor auditorium that seats 3,000 people.

Owls, cranes, pelicans, storks, ibises, and marabous join the air ballet of the raptors to give us an unforgettable show with a dazzling finale!

In the magical setting of the aquatic amphitheater, fully restored and equipped with a slide and diving board, agile and playful sea lions compete with dexterity and balance during the show 'L’Odyssée des lions de mer', composed of totally new acts!

A wide range of animations

During your visit, members of staff will meet you in different places in the zoo, to tell you about the life and habits of the species that live at Beauval, often during their feedings.

Animation themes and times vary according to the season.

Please note that these animations are in french.