The Gorilla Greenhouse

The Gorilla Greenhouse

« A face to face encounter with the most imposing of the primates! »

Come and see Beauval’s gorillas

A large outdoor space
A large outdoor space
Western gorilla
Western gorilla

Meet the impressive gorillas, who are equally at home in their indoor space as they are on their outdoor island! The luxurious plant-life, free-flying birds, and permanent tropical climate in their greenhouse will spirit you away on a wonder-filled journey of discovery.

Asato, our silverback gorilla
Asato, our silverback gorilla
Western gorilla
Western gorilla

The territory’s star animals

Western gorillas
Gorilla island
Baby gorilla
Western gorilla

Un œil en coulisse

M’Baku’s inspiring story!

M’Baku, a young gorilla born at Beauval, was abandoned by his mother shortly after his birth. Thanks to the tremendous work of his keepers, he was eventually able to find his place within the group, at his mother’s side. Make sure to watch and share!

Asato, the silverback gorilla

The leader of Beauval’s family of gorillas

Gorillas live in a family group led and protected by a dominant male with a silver back. At the ZooParc de Beauval, this role is fulfilled by Asato, an impressive gorilla born in 1991. He is now the head of a large family, which has recently grown yet again with the arrival of little M’Baku in 2018 and Kovanga in 2019.

Asato, the silverback gorilla
Asato, the silverback gorilla
Gorilla reintroduction

Did you know ?

Reintroduction of gorillas into the wild

A source of hope for the conservation of species!

In 2019, two female gorillas born at Beauval were reintroduced in Gabon. The Batéké Plateau National Park is now home to many groups of gorillas who have come from zoological parks! Thanks to the Beauval Nature association and its partners, we were able to help increase the wild population of this extremely threatened species.

« The gorilla and orangutang enclosures were very open for watching them. »

Kathy M - Jul 2015

Surrounded by tropical fauna

Yellow-banded poison dart frog
Phantasmal poison frog

Wonders hidden in the vegetation

Meet unusual species in the gigantic aquarium and the many vivariums found within the gorilla greenhouse. Dozens of colourful poison dart frogs hide amongst the vegetation. And in the pool, stingrays and countless tropical fish perform a fascinating aquatic ballet for you.

11 gorillas

1 2 000 m² indoor greenhouse

1 3 000 m² outdoor space

1 pool 40 m long

Beauval Nature protects the western lowland gorilla in Africa

The western lowland gorilla is an emblematic African animal and is classified as a critically endangered species

Hunted for their meat and falling victim to poaching and trafficking, western lowland gorillas have practically disappeared from their natural habitats. A programme has been set up that is managed by the Aspinall Foundation and supported by the Beauval Nature association.

The objectives of which are: the reintroduction and monitoring of gorillas seized by the authorities or born in European zoos, and the collection of young gorillas whose mothers were victims of poaching.
This programme placed 1st in the “Conservation” category of the People’s Choice Award, 2019.

Gorille des plaines de l'Ouest dans la nature - Beauval Nature - ZooParc de Beauval
Beauval Nature

Do your part for conservation!

Sponsor an animal!

Becoming an animal sponsor allows you to form a strong relationship with your favourite animal whilst financing the conservation programmes supported by the Beauval Nature association. All money paid is allocated in full to the association and is then invested into one of the many species conservation programmes it supports around the world.

What’s happening in this territory?


Educational talks


Approximately 10 minutes 12:00 PM

What do they eat? How does a group of gorillas work? What are the main threats for these great apes?

Spider monkeys

Educational talks

Primates particularities

Approximately 7 minutes 10:45 AM

What is a primate ? How does it communicate ? What does these animals facial expressions mean ? What are the exotic pets?

Keeper for a Day


Keeper for a Day

Spend an extraordinary morning behind the scenes at Beauval!

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Le Tropical

Located at the centre of the zoo, Le Tropical offers starters, hot dishes, cheese platters, desserts, drinks, and children’s menus.

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