Les Vivariums et Aquariums - Territoire du ZooParc de Beauval

Vivariums and Aquariums

« Startling snakes before your very eyes »

An incredible diversity of little-known species

Asian rock python
Asian rock python
Plumed basilisk
Plumed basilisk

Anacondas, reticulated pythons, earless monitor lizards, green basilisks, false gharials, as well as scorpions, chameleons, and exotic frogs… Numerous reptiles, amphibians, and insects await you in the ZooParc de Beauval’s many vivariums and aquariums!

Yellow-footed tortoises
Yellow-footed tortoises
Blue poison dart frog
Blue poison dart frog

The territory’s star animals

Komodo dragons
Panther chameleon
Tropical fish
Tropical fish

The latest arrivals at the dome’s vivariums

Despite their small size, the equatorial dome’s latest arrivals are nonetheless still impressive! Discover the incredible new species moving into 2020's major new addition to the ZooParc.

How do you tell a crocodile and an alligator apart?

Or a caiman for that matter!

The answer to this tricky question is in fact simple, just look at their heads! Or their teeth to be more precise. In crocodiles, the fourth tooth of the lower jaw sticks out, unlike in alligators and caimans. Caimans also have smaller jaws

Alligator du Mississipi gueule ouverte - Les animaux du Vivarium et Aquarium - ZooParc de Beauval
Alligator du Mississipi - Les animaux du Vivarium et Aquarium - ZooParc de Beauval
Albino alligator
Tortue radiée - Les animaux du Vivarium et Aquarium - ZooParc de Beauval

Did you know ?

Two reptiles rescued by Beauval

Survivors re-homed at the ZooParc!

Along with the conservation of species, animal welfare is one of Beauval’s main concerns. Thus, when the case arises, the park does everything possible to act as a refuge for animals whose living conditions are not suitable. This was the case for two reptiles that we rescued recently.

« Don’t forget to visit the lizards, aquariums and many birds houses. »

LeCacoin - Aug 2018

Find Beauval’s reptiles throughout your whole visit!

Albino python
Bearded dragon

A microcosm of Beauval

Vivariums and aquariums can be found throughout your entire visit! Distributed throughout the ZooParc’s different territories, these spaces complement the exceptional environments that are available to you. And if you are passionate about reptiles, do not miss the vivariums in the orangutan and chimpanzee greenhouse!

Snakes over 4 m long

3 alligators in the vivarium

2 spaces for turtles

22 terrariums in the vivarium

Beauval Nature helps tequila splitfin fish in Mexico

Central Mexico is experiencing rapid deterioration of its waterways, mainly as a result of agricultural pollution linked to the use of pesticides. This deterioration has already led to the extinction of several species, including the tequila splitfin fish. 

The Fish Ark Project, established in 1998, has allowed many highly endangered freshwater fish species to be bred and maintained in captivity. In addition, an educational programme for local communities has been set up to increase awareness about the importance of conserving natural wetlands in which endemic species live.

Poisson Tequila - Beauval Nature - ZooParc de Beauval

Where can I see them in the park?

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Les Chats Pêcheurs - Restaurant - ZooParc de Beauval


Les Chats Pêcheurs

Bordering The Asiatic Plains, this fast food restaurant offers hot dogs, nachos, drinks and desserts.

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