The Orangutan and Chimpanzee Greenhouse

The Orangutan and Chimpanzee Greenhouse

« Meet the great apes! »

Enter the world of the great apes!

Pygmy marmoset
Pygmy marmoset

Swing about with the primates in the great apes’ greenhouse! Marmosets, tamarins, chimpanzees, and orangutans will greet you in this vast territory overflowing with plants. Dive right into the heart of the jungle!

Emperor tamarin
Emperor tamarin

The territory’s star animals

Red-handed tamarins

Un œil en coulisse

A baby orangutan

Manis, an experienced mother orangutan, gave birth to a female baby in early August 2015. Young Sabah is currently the centre of attention and will remain snuggled up against her mother for many long and cosy weeks. Join us for a morning visit and sensory stimulation with Beauval’s great apes…

The orangutan’s impressive arms

An essential physical feature!

Although the orangutan is a hominid like the chimpanzee and the gorilla, meaning that it belongs to the same family of animals as we do, a certain physical feature makes it stand out: its long arms! Its arm span, measuring up to 2 metres, allows it to move easily from tree to tree.


Did you know ?

A brand-new island!

Work on the chimpanzee and orangutan islands comes to an end

There is something new over by the chimpanzees and orangutans at the ZooParc de Beauval! Since the beginning of the year, the great ape islands have undergone several renovations in order to provide new climbing structures. This work is now finished!

« The compounds are very accessible with some special views, especially in the apes area. »

Yaron M - Aug 2017

Explore the ZooParc’s vivarium

Emerald tree boa
Green iguana

Discover the world of the reptiles!

As well as chimpanzees, orangutans, and monkeys, this tropical greenhouse also houses a magnificent vivarium! Iguanas, tortoises, monitors, and other lizards are displayed before your very eyes alongside stunning snakes that calmly stretch-out and hiss within their spaces!

3 species of Great Apes and many primates

2 indoor spaces

2 outdoor islands

1 vivarium

Beauval Nature supports the protection of western chimpanzees

In Senegal, the population of western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus), a “critically endangered” subspecies, is estimated to include only 500 individuals

Fragmentation and loss of habitat as well as a decline in food resources are contributing to the decline of the populations of this species. The Jane Goodall Institute has developed and implemented a community conservation and chimpanzee research programme. Eco-guards will be trained to use SMART ecological monitoring software in order to collect important biological and ecological data on the chimpanzees.

Beauval Nature

Do your part for conservation!

Sponsor an animal!

Becoming an animal sponsor allows you to form a strong relationship with your favourite animal whilst financing the conservation programmes supported by the Beauval Nature association. All money paid is allocated in full to the association and is then invested into one of the many species conservation programmes it supports around the world.

What’s happening in this territory?

Spider monkeys

Educational talks

Primates particularities

Approximately 7 minutes 10:45 AM

What is a primate ? How does it communicate ? What does these animals facial expressions mean ? What are the exotic pets?

Keeper for a Day


Keeper for a Day

Spend an extraordinary morning behind the scenes at Beauval!

Where can I see them in the park?

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Staying in the area for lunch?

Le Tropical - Restaurant - ZooParc de Beauval


Le Tropical

Located at the centre of the zoo, Le Tropical offers starters, hot dishes, cheese platters, desserts, drinks, and children’s menus.

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