The Parrot Rotunda

The Parrot Rotunda

« The species with which it all started! »

Stroll through Beauval’s ornithological park

Green-thighed parrot
Green-thighed parrot
Red-tailed black cockatoo
Red-tailed black cockatoo

Near the ZooParc entrance, discover the inspiration for the passion that lead to the creation of our park: birds. Macaws, masked lapwings, galahs… A wide variety of birds with colourful plumage and melodious songs await you!

Hyacinth macaw
Hyacinth macaw
Red-and-green macaw
Red-and-green macaw

The territory’s star animals

Grey parrot
Yellow-headed amazon
Sun parakeet
Pink and grey cockatoo
Ortalide du Chaco - Les animaux de La Rotonde des Perroquets - ZooParc de Beauval

Un œil en coulisse

Parrot facial expressions - Ep 6

The “Un Œil en Coulisse” camera takes a look at parrot facial expressions… That’s all were going to tell you! Check out this remarkably interesting episode.

The music of the goliath cockatoo

Seduction to the beat of a drum

Also known as the palm cockatoo, this bird possesses mesmerising dark plumage. But it also has a much more surprising characteristic: it is the only animal apart from humans to perform through drumming! The male prunes off branches and taps on tree trunks, using this instrument to court females.

Goliath cockatoo
Nouvelles volières - Les animaux de La Rotonde des Perroquets - ZooParc de Beauval

Did you know ?

Parrots that blush

A ground-breaking discovery!

Facial expressions demonstrated for the first time in birds.
To date, the subject of positive emotions in birds has rarely been studied, with studies focusing mainly on stress-related behaviour.
This programme placed 2nd in the “Research” category of the Jury Prize, 2019.

« Also there is an important bird-collection and the Palm-cockatoo is very impressive among many others. »

Gloria A - Dec 2014

The fabulous bird pathways

Red-and-green macaws
Hybrid lorikeet

A wonder to behold with every step
The Parrot Rotunda is the true heart of the ZooParc and is a genuine piece of history! Nestled amongst the flowers, the spaces within this area of the park show the beauty of these wonderful birds. This is the favourite place of Françoise Delord, the founder of the park, and with good reason!

1 little corella born in 1971

50 aviaries

150 parrots

63 food bowls

Beauval Nature supports saving the red-vented cockatoo

Over the past few decades, the red-vented cockatoo has been pushed to the brink of extinction. In 1998, only about twenty individuals were recorded. The reasons for this decline are numerous: destruction of its habitat, capture for the pet trade, hunting, and a decrease in food resources due to drought.

The Beauval Nature association supports the various actions of the Katala foundation in the Philippines. As part of such actions, many young cockatoos in need of food were collected and transferred to another area of the island. In addition, a network of guards made up of repentant poachers has been put in place.

Red-vented cockatoo

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