The South American Pampas

The South American Pampas

« Simply fabulous fauna »

Meet the animals of South America on this incredible expanse of land

Lowland tapir and Patagonian mara
Lowland tapir and Patagonian mara

When you visit Beauval, you will find many extraordinary spaces boasting vast plains, on which a wide variety of species coexist. The South American Pampas is the first such space! Come and see Patagonian maras, capybaras, and lowland tapirs!

Lowland tapirs
Lowland tapirs
Lowland tapir
Lowland tapir

The territory’s star animals

Capybara et son bébé - Les animaux de la Pampa Sud-Américaine - ZooParc de Beauval
Lowland tapir
Patagonian maras
Lowland tapir

Training the tapirs

A quick training session taking place in Beauval’s South American Pampas, during which keepers habituate a lowland tapir to being approached for medical care in the future. Lying on its side with legs outstretched, the patient allows the keepers to touch, or even poke it, to be ready for when the doctor comes calling!

The mysterious lowland tapir

A “living fossil”

Sheltered by the primary forests of South America, the lowland tapir has changed very little over the past 35 million years! Its atypical body is the result of a fantastic adaptation to its natural environment. Make sure to see this genuine glimpse of prehistory in The South American Pampas.

Lowland tapir
Lowland tapir
Lowland tapirs
Lowland tapir

Did you know ?

Tapirs on the run

The torch of conservation has been lit!

One of the Beauval Nature association’s partners, Patricia Medici, from the Lowland Tapir Conservation programme in Brazil, was one of the 12,000 people who participated in the Olympic torch relay in 2016! What an incredible way to promote the preservation of tapirs!

« We spent an amazing day here last summer. Not only do they have pandas, but they also have tapirs, takins, and manatees! »

Leslee M - Jul 2015

Explore Beauval’s pampas

Famille de capybaras - Les animaux de la Pampa Sud-Américaine - ZooParc de Beauval
Young lowland tapir

Take your first steps into Beauval’s breath-taking territories

Behind the flamingo island, along a secluded pathway hidden amongst the greenery, discover an immense territory custom-built for the ZooParc’s South American fauna. From the bodies of water to the sandy flats, everything has been designed for the comfort of these peculiar residents!

1 pool

2 plains

6 fascinating species

4 lowland tapirs

Beauval Nature ensures the preservation of tapirs in Brazil

The lowland tapir is considered to be a vulnerable species by the IUCN and is threatened due to hunting, collisions with cars, and the degradation of its environment as a result of industrialisation.

The Beauval Nature association supports a conservation programme for lowland tapirs that is supervised by the IPE institute for ecological research. One of the programme’s missions is to fit radio collars on individuals and to follow their movements in order to throw light on their habits and social organisation. This telemetry project is entirely funded by Beauval Nature.

Tapir terrestre dans la nature - Beauval Nature - ZooParc de Beauval

Where can I see them in the park?

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